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Boxing came to India with the British Army. There are no records to go by but the first Boxing match is reported to have been staged in Calcutta in February 1884. A professional boxer from England George Smith with two other amateurs took part in this competition which was a rousing success. With this inspiring beginning Boxing gradually took roots in this country. In February 1904 a bout between World Lightweight Champion Jack McAuliffe and his British challenger Tiger Smith was arranged. This world class encounter gave tremendous boost to Boxing in India. The winner Jack McAuliffe was given a purse of Rs 11,000/- , the biggest ever prize money awarded at that time in India.

Boxing soon spread to Bangalore, Madras (now Chennai), Lahore (now in Pakistan), Jabalpur and other cities. Just before the first World War, PL Roy hit the headlines in England by winning titles in University and Royal Air Force competitions. Around the twenties Edgar Brighte, Fali Billimoria, Suares brothers - Harold & Arthur, Jack D'Souza and Percy Vengan were among the big names of Indian Boxing. They contributed largely for the development and popularisation of Boxing in India. The Indian Amateur Boxing Federation (IABF) came into being on February 25, 1949. The sitting President of Bombay Presidency Amateur Boxing Federation Oscar Brown was elected as the first President of the IABF and Major FG Baker its first Secretary.