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another guy with lots of potential

Parijat Roy

I Am The Beautiful Nightmare and have Decayed a long time
Dark_Lord aka Parijat Roy

" Hello All The darkest creature on earth, I am the dark lord inviting you to dominate the earth with darkness... "
Since I'm a computer science professional, I provide solution for any person/organisation who desire to develop web application for their personal use or company use. I can develop web application on .NET(using C#), JSP, PHP Framework, with document type either (x)HTML(for web-application) or WML(for Mobile Wap Application). I can help you making your personal blog with attractive HTML themes and search engine optimized I am too familiar with coding C, JAVA and handling Operating System(LINUX and WINDOWS) and Networking


Here Is Me, little Animated

Feb 24, 2008 by Parijat

Unidentified Flying Object