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another guy with lots of potential

Parijat Roy

I Am The Beautiful Nightmare and have Decayed a long time
Dark_Lord aka Parijat Roy

" Hello All The darkest creature on earth, I am the dark lord inviting you to dominate the earth with darkness... "


You must be thinking how?

Is it require to know?

If yes, then read on...

Most of the western people are turning black, as they like black most. Dont ask me why! But its like that, they are going to late night party, disco, clubs. These are all the symptoms, that they like darkness rather than morning. So since east gets influenced my west, so its obvious that someday you will also like darkness. I reckon, you started to like darkness. So when darkness will cover up the whole world, then I will be ultimate ruler of dark Earth. Ok read on my profile....


Feb 24, 2008 by Parijat

relationship status: single
birthday: September 17 1986
languages i speak: English (UK), Hindi, Bengali
about me: Firstly I would like to say that You are wasting your bandwidth reading this......
Anyways again i should say the things you will read will worth for your bandwidth! Hehe Lets continue......
we all know:
time=money(time is money) .... (i)
money=time(money is time) .... (ii) [ from (i)]

Therefore using (i) and (ii) we get,

if you have money, you can save time!!!
if you have time, you can earn money!!!

So dont run after money, work hard with your time, money will run after you!!!

So, for me, i only give respect to TIME and MONEY(OF COURSE AFTER MY PARENTS), more to TIME, then to MONEY!!!

Which means wasting TIME is not in my blood(and i hate WHO does it)!!! Whatever i do, i have a reason for it!!
Please dont freak after reading my profile, its indifferent(or thoda hatke)! If you have seen Tare Zamen Par, then you should not ask why?


Dont Mess With Me.......

Alias: Lord Voldemort, He Who Must Not Be Named, You-Know-Who, the Dark Lord, Tom Marvolo Riddle.
Age: 70. Born December 31, 1926.

Heritage: Half-Blood. Descendant of Salazar Slytherin.

Special Abilities: Possibly the greatest Dark Wizard of all time,
Voldemort is extremely powerful, using his power to commit atrocities so horrible most witches and wizards are afraid to even speak my name. Additionally, Lord Voldemort is a skilled Legilimens and Occlumens.
He can also speak Parseltongue.
Voldemort= flight from death (French).

***Disclaimer: Heart patients are advised not to read my profile. I am not responsible for any mishaps/accidents. BITE ME

children: no

ethnicity: asian

religion: Hindu

political view: very authoritarian

humor: clever/quick witted, friendly

sexual orientation: straight

fashion: alternative, casual, smart, urban

smoking: no

drinking: no

pets: i like pet(s)

living: with pet(s), with parents, friends visit often

hometown: kolkata


passions: My Wap/Web site(its almost my life since i wasted 2-3years behind it, and according to about me, you should not ask why?), Computer, Cell Phone

sports: Chess, Cricket, Football

activities: Search For New Computer Viruses/ Alternatively Creating new :)--Please Dont freak at me!!

books: My Study Books(They are the most hard on this earth)... :D Toinkz!!!

music: Cool, A new Day has come-celine dion

tv shows: Huh! Next Question Please

movies: Horror, Detective, Action

cuisines: Anything which my mom cooks(basically indian foods), then comes Chinese, then italian(induced by ankit)



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